Support Main Street Collierville

By supporting Main Street Collierville, you become a part of a nationally proven program for historic downtown preservation and promotion. Main Street Collierville joins more than 1,600 Main Street communities across the United States that rely on their citizens, businesses, industries and local governments for support. Main Street members appreciate the landmarks of the past which give us a sense of stability and belonging. We are concerned with our community’s heritage and all that is worth preserving from our past as a living part of the present.

Support Main Street Collierville: Make A Donation


  • Kroger Card. We are proud to have partnered with Kroger to donate a portion of your purchase at Kroger to Main Street Collierville.
    • Go to, click “Sign In.” If you do not already have a Kroger Account, click “Create an Account” and follow the directions (you will need your Kroger Rewards Card to create your account. Click on “My Account.” >>> Click on “Community Awards.” >>>> Under “Find your Organization” enter 28166 and Main Street Collierville should show up – mark the box next to it  >>>> Click on “Save Changes” and start shopping.