Mission, Preservation, Vision


The Mission of Main Street Collierville is to promote and inspire a vibrant Main Street district that benefits Collierville residents and visitors.

As our mission says, Main Street Collierville strives to preserve and enhance the Town Square area as the heart of Collierville; That communicates a sense of community pride, heritage, and small town wholesomeness; and provides for a successful community.

The vision of Main Street Collierville:

  • draws on its unique sense of place to provide residents and visitors an authentic Collierville experience
  • enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors by supporting a comfortable and attractive environment of accessible, pedestrian friendly streets and outstanding public spaces
  • encourages business development, employment opportunities and merchants that offer a unique Main Street experience,
  • protects, preserves, and promotes its heritage, historic assets, and architecture for the enjoyment of current and future generations and
  • celebrates and shares its authenticity by maintaining a vibrant setting for cultural experiences, dining, the arts, entertainment, community festivals, and tourism

Main Street Collierville is the heart of Collierville, thriving with family-friendly events, shopping, great restaurants and an enriched southern history.  Membership to MSC ensures the continuation of events and beautification/preservation of our historic square and supports our 4-point approach to preserve and enhance the Town Square Area in the following ways:

  • Design. Enhancing the physical elements of downtown while capitalizing on the unique assets that set the commercial district apart.
  • Economic Vitality. Making the most of a community’s unique sense of place and existing historic assets, harnessing local economic opportunity and creating a supportive business environment for small business owners and the growing scores of entrepreneurs, innovators and locals alike.
  • Promotion. Position the downtown or commercial district as the center of the community and the hub of economic activity while creating a positive image that showcases a community’s unique characteristics.
  • Organization. Ensuring that all organizational resources (partners, funding, volunteers, etc.) are mobilized to effectively implement the Community Transformative Strategies.


President: Dana Whitworth

President Elect: Gerald Emerson

Treasurer: Marcena Hamady

Secretary: Laura Hall

Raney Abney

Billy Bernard

Niki Berry

Julie Cropp

Gerald Emerson

Krista Freeman

Laura Hall

Kelsey Holland

Allison Mueller

Nick Robbins

Megan Toms

Skylar Workman

Ex Officios

Town Representatives:  Stan Joyner / Jaime Groce

Maureen Fraser, Alderman

Hollie Skaggs, Main Street Business Alliance Representative

Ashley Carver, Tourism Representative